Welcome to OrgHarvest!

The group at OrgHarvest is incredibly proud and excited to be launching our new company.  For the past several months, everyone who comprises our team – staff, partners, and advisors – has been giving it their all and then some to build a company with the standard of integrity that we that we hope will be the hallmark of our operations. 

The idea of OrgHarvest was ‘sprouted’ last year during the ‘hemp rush’ that followed the passage of the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill.  This Bill removed hemp and hemp seeds from the statutory definition of marijuana and the DEA schedule of Controlled Substances. As a result of this declassification, we all saw a significant surge in hemp production.  The U.S. market was flooded with hemp, some of it offered by inexperienced growers and some of reflecting unstable genetics. In addition, because of the chaotic environment and process a lack of transparency existed.

Against this chaotic backdrop came the idea for OrgHarvest. We have established partnerships throughout the complete hemp supply chain – from seed to consumer, and with the best people around. Our farmer partners are experienced and sophisticated row growers who understand the genetics of superior hemp.

OrgHarvest hemp is traceable through blockchain technology, so there is an accessible and complete history of every step that our hemp takes to arrive in the product you purchase either on the retail shelf or through our e-commerce channels. Furthermore, because OrgHarvest either owns or has exclusive agreements with a number of brands to provide hemp ingredients (both CPG and under private labels), we ensure that any product with OrgHarvest hemp meets regulatory and compliance standards.  

OrgHarvest controls the science, the seeds, the farming, the extraction and the end products produced under our name ensuring the highest quality that creates complete confidence in our hemp offerings.  

I personally welcome you to OrgHarvest. It is where good things start.

larry orgharvest

Larry Cantrell
CEO & President
OrgHarvest Inc.

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